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Trinity Worldwide Co., Ltd. (TWW), formerly known as Trinity Computer Technology Co., Ltd. (TTL), is the flagship company of the Trinity Group Of Companies based in Taipei, Taiwan. Established in 1992, TWW is a leading manufacturer and exporter of computer systems, peripherals & networking products. TWW is also a distributor for electronic components and a leading IPO for major manufacturing industries in India and other South East Asian countries. Read more

About Us

Trinity IT Supplies is a part of the Trinity Group of Companies based in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China & US and having retail experience of more than 17 years in Information Technology Business. Read more

Development & Status

The long standing experience in ever changing IT Market has given us the knack of analyzing consumer needs with changing technologies and that art of understanding customer expectation has led us in initiating a Retail Chain by successfully setting up our first

The Business

Regulations and permits

The dynamic and professional approach of Dubai Govt. towards the economic development in the region has made it easier for the new businesses to scratch start or expand their operation in a minimal period of time.


There will be three different ways a customer can purchase and get service for the purchased goods.

  • Customer candirectly visit any of our retail centers and purchase the product.Or get complete service for the product from our engineers.

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